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Welcome to the official Terrestrial Council website. Here you'll find information about the musical project, and whatever else I wish to associate it with.

February 28th, 2013: With 2013 nicely coming along, I bring the news of some new music! My computer broke around October, and so I took some time from musicmaking, but eventually got back to it on my cellphone. I eventually got a new computer around December, so I've finally finished my Jupiter album. I was planning to have it ready by January, but I'm glad I've been able to finish it either way. The songs I made during my computer's break are included as well, so this release contains a lot of interesting musical angles!

September 1st, 2012: I haven't updated this home page in quite some time, and a lot has happened since then! I finished my piano EP last year, and also finished work on 'Solar Star!' by mid 2012. I decided to take part in the RPM Challenge, something I tried to do in 2011 (the result was Space Odyssey), and this time I was able to complete it within all the specifications (a full album written in the month of February). I titled it Lucid Daydreams, partially because I made it like a musical journal. Each song had the time it was written noted, and no songs that I worked on in that month were left out. It was nice to be so productive because before that time I felt like I was losing my drive to make music, but in the end it went well. I also released a new video, titled "Tropical Storm Irene" which has actual footage from my studio during the time that Tropical Storm Irene passed over Montreal. The song is on the piano EP, but yeah, you can see the video on the videos page now (it wasn't added until yesterday). I also made a 4 track album apart of a series that I decided to call Digital Synthesis Series. I had no concluded name for a while, but the first of the series (which isn't released) was made in 2009, the only solid guideline is that it is 4 tracks, and general length is around 30 minutes. I decided to release the second of the series on June 24th, the album is pretty spacey and is also an exploration into more foreign synths and routing techniques. Around this time I decided to also write an album for my friend Dave, who inspired me initially to create music, and I decided it'd be apart of the EP series. This EP is pretty introspective I guess, but it was something that I wanted to do for a while, so I'm glad that I've finished it.

August 13th, 2011: I've updated the site a few times since May, new videos have been added, and info about new works is on the album page. I'm releasing a piano EP in September, work goes well on it but I'm in the process of moving. Lets hope I find a place for September 1st, then I can finish the EP! More info shall come in the future! I want to release more hard copies with nice printed covers, would be shippable, you can donate to the cause here!

May 12th, 2011: The projects I've started for 2011 are starting to develop, and while it's been a long time coming (2010 seemed to be a constant flow of inspiration in comparison) I get the feeling that I'll have to manage my time better to realize most of it! I've begun a sort of video journal that's shot mostly in the infrared spectrum, it'll be about 15 minutes long with Sound Synthesis as the soundtrack. I don't plan on releasing Sound Synthesis by itself but the videos will be available on the net. I hope to have it finished by the end of the summer, but if things go well it could be done before July!

I've started work on a new series, the theme involves space (again, hahaha) and is actually in a lot of ways the continuation of Sound Synthesis (which is 7 tracks, which flow into eachother, the last 3 of which are space themed). Space Odyssey was going off the same root of musical exploration as Sound Synthesis as well, so this new EP will have a lot of the same feel as Space Odyssey. I'm actually not entirely sure if lengthwise this'll be more of an EP than a full length album, so we'll have to see how things develop... There are two tracks that I made in the last year which I may work on some more and release with this series; it's interesting how sometimes an idea that you were working on before didn't fit the theme you were working with, and how it can come back later, so it'll be cool to apply new compositional techniques on these old works.

Video-wise I uploaded the videos I mentioned previously a month or so ago, and working off the idea of Sound Synthesis I began thinking about working on a series of videos in which the soundtrack is composed specifically with the imagery in mind, because usually when working with video my process goes the other way. I have one particularly interesting idea that I doubt I'll be able to resist finishing this summer, and in a lot of ways I think it'll be done before the Sound Synthesis video project so expect to see an update about that sometime in the coming months!

March 1st, 2011: 2011 has proved to be a strange year so far, and at the start the strangeness was my lack of creativity. Thankfully that aspect of life seems to have resolved itself as an EP of 5 tracks, titled Space Odyssey, composed and recorded in February, has been released and is now available as a free download right here. Hard copy versions of this release will be available in a bit, and I've added extra artwork for it because I've decided on a new style of packaging for CD releases which will be much easier to put together and less messy (paper cases always seem to have glue troubles). I'm not really sure when they will be available, but if you'd like a copy contact me! Making this work has given me a lot of new ideas and I'm excited to put them to work in the upcoming months... Hopefully there shall be a new update about that in the next few months!

PS, I have 3 new videos to upload, 2 are from File System Series and 1 from Space Odyssey, when I find a solid internet connection I shall post it and put it up here!

December 24th, 2010: I haven't posted a new message here in quite some time, and since then a lot has happened. EP 2010.10 has been finished, Assignable Controller is pretty much done as well, and I started a newer work in November called "Sound Synthesis". I don't have many details on that, but in the time that I was working on it I also finished a new release titled "File System Series". 2010 has been an amazing year for me in terms of productivity and inspiration, I've released 4 albums and have another 2 that are unreleased, I started singing, I made some songs with my friend Deidre in which she wrote lyrics and sang, so yeah, there was a lot of really cool musical things going on for me this year. You can stream my entire released discography from 2010 right here, it's 2 hours and 20 minutes of music, and is ordered from newest to oldest. Yayyy!!! Merry Christmas to all and have a solid New Years!

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